The next drone war is coming to Gaza
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D. Ray
2023-10-20 12:06:51 UTC


But too much reliance on digital signals intelligence could also lead to
lapses. Loewenstein argues that such over-reliance may have contributed
to the massive intelligence failure that allowed the Hamas attack.
“Israel's vaunted surveillance capabilities in and around Gaza are a
combination of human intelligence, often by *blackmailing Palestinians
who want to exit Gaza for medical or educational reasons*, drones and
tailored [operations],” he wrote “Before the recent Hamas attack on
Israel, it was widely viewed that Israel has successfully controlled the
land, sea and air borders of Gaza. What I'm hearing is that Israel, like
the US after 9/11, overly relied on digital surveillance and far less on
the human intelligence side in the last 5-10 years, leaving open the
possibility of a major security breach.”

So the situation in Gaza was that Palestinians needed to exit it for
medical reasons and could have been blackmailed because of that. Sounds
kind of concentration campish, don’t you think?
Klaus Schadenfreude
2023-10-20 12:33:42 UTC
Post by D. Ray
kind of concentration campish, don’t you think?
You would know, huh goose stepper?