USA - New Nuke Weapon
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2023-10-31 02:21:41 UTC

The new bomb, designated the B61-13, will be a modernized version
of the B61 nuclear gravity bomb and will be deliverable by
modern aircraft to the target.

. . .

It's built for aircraft delivery.

Yield is said to be 360kt.

Joe is trying to get rid of all our megaton weapons.

But RUSSIA, by all reports, DOES still have a fair
inventory of 1-20 megaton weapons - "district erasers"
that can make large cities disappear at a stroke.

So why is the USA going for the "little stuff" so
aggressively ?

Well, they ARE smaller and cheaper - you can have more.
They can also be used by a wider slate of aircraft and

360kt is a really big blast, no question. But are these
as much of a psychological deterrent as megaton+ weapons ?
IMHO you don't need MANY megaton+ weapons, but you SHOULD
have a handful - and mention them frequently.

Oh, in case of asteroid attack, several megaton bombs
might actually be BADLY NEEDED .....

The largest US nuke was kind-of an accident, back at
the dawn of H-bombs. The yield was around 3-5 MT. The
blast wasn't EXPECTED to be that large ... there was
a "possible" secondary nuclear reaction that boosted
the yield.

Russia, on the other hand, always goes BIG. Their infamous
"Czar Bomb" was about 50 megatons ... and it was "only"
50MT because at the last minute they decided to leave
out a component. The design was for 100+ MT .... that'd
like ruin, say, Pennsylvania .....

I've seen video of the Czar Bomb explosion. Most nukes
there's a bright flash and then the fireball rises, but
the Czar bomb, the bright flash just keeps getting brighter
over a rather long number of seconds - as everything around
withers and bursts into flames.

Good thing they left out the secondary fission component,
otherwise the fallout cloud would have been REALLY bad
and would probably have cooked lots of Canada, maybe
Scandinavia on the return leg ....
2023-11-02 04:08:05 UTC
BTW ... they keep bragging about how they've
attached steering fins to this bomb for
"increased accuracy". I submit that you do
not NEED "accuracy" with a 360kt bomb.