Air Force Head Says It Needs to Move Faster to Counter China - he even went so far as to say it should emulate China in how it gets there. China’s People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) introduced five new fighters: the J-10 “Vigorous Dragon” mu
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2021-09-20 19:40:19 UTC
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The Air Force Head is asking on behalf of the defense industrial complex
for new taxpayer money to contract new defense needs.
The defense industrial complex controls the US defense department in the
development and production of new planes for the Pentagon defense
The defense industrial complex controls the entire US defense needs. US
has no alternative choices but to let them push them to buy more for it.
Currently, they are upgrading the F15 and F16 to meet the new needs
required in the plane.
Otherwise, there is nothing new except for the F22, which is unsafe for
export or for use in overseas mission.
But good enough for Chingchongs to try to rip off:


Wouldn't it be a mean trick for the DOD to deliberately develop a piece of
junk for the sole purpose of having the Russkies and Chao-chows snatch it up
and try to make it work?
2021-09-21 02:22:40 UTC
It's not going to happen - we need all that money to addict
all the 'Mexicans' and little slackers to the Welfare State !!!
Then they HAVE to vote Dem/commie - or ELSE !